Products and Services

Green Solutions Limited has tailored its entire package of solutions which address the issue of affordability to all possible needs of its clients of different types. Existing solution packages focus on rural lighting using solar technology with other technologies in the pipeline. The most popular packages include:-

Home lighting systems
This is a set of basic solar energy system i.e solar panel, battery, charge regulator, inverter, LED lights, cables and other accessories; that are combined to offer the required power for homes.
The size of the package takes into account the size of the household and its specific energy requirement (lights, radio and phone charging). It is user friendly that does not require a technician for installation and can be adjusted to offer any number of LED lights required by the household. The most important aspect of this product is in the innovation through which it has been made affordable by households of all income levels.

Institutional Electrification
This is a product where a solar system of specific capacity is designed and implemented for institutions like schools, hospitals and small and medium size businesses. The solution design takes account of specific requirement of the client and project financing strategy.

Small Powered Appliances
Through our partnership with different manufacturers, Green Solutions Limited imports and distributes small powered appliances such as Solar Panels, solar powered LED lamps, Phone Connectors, Solar charged Radio Batteries, and Rechargeable Power packs.

Operation and Maintenance
Under special arrangements Green Solutions Limited can be engaged in operation and maintenance of renewable energy projects after implementation. This service goes together with free training for our clients on how solar systems work and how to use them for best results and durability.

Technical Advice
We provide technical advice that enable our clients understand and decide the kind of energy solution required to meet their specific requirements. This can either be at the time of initial planning of power supply or upgrading existing solution.

Business Planning and Project Management Services
Through our highly skilled team of experts we offer business planning, project write-ups as well as project management services for energy projects.